Coworking software

Hybrid Work Scheduling

Allow your dedicated space residents to manage their hybrid work policies and scheduling fully integrated into your portal and app
Hybrid Work in Flex Spaces

Book desks on beautiful office maps

Allow your members to easily find and book the ideal desk for the day. Use an advanced desk booking system featuring:

hybrid work schedules

Stimulate Collaboration

Empower your residents’ teams to choose where they sit to get the most out of the day. Once a desk is booked, they can invite teammates to join at a nearby desk or directly place a booking for them via our delegated bookings functionality.

Using hot desking and office hoteling software can significantly increase employee collaboration when done right!


Increase revenue and improve the experience

By utilizing an advanced hybrid work system, you can attract larger tenants in smaller dedicated spaces and still make their experience a breeze. It’s a win-win for all parties:

  • Employees utilize hybrid and remote work
  • Companies pay less for real estate in total
  • Flex space operators make more revenue per sq. ft.

Read more about our hybrid work software here.


visitor management system

Ready to give Flex+Hybrid a try?

We’d love to show you how OfficeRnD Flex and Hybrid in combination can help you increase revenue, improve utilization and increase members’ satisfaction.