Easy Hybrid Work Scheduling

Empower your space residents to thrive in a collaborative and productive workplace. Allow them to manage their hybrid work policies and scheduling, fully integrated into your portal and app.

Make Desk Booking as Easy as 1,2,3

Entice collaboration and productivity. Allow your members to easily find and book the ideal desk for the day on beautiful office maps. Wow them with an intuitive desk booking system featuring:

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Stimulate Collaboration

Allow your residents’ teams to create a more engaged and productive workplace by using features that stimulate real-life interactions:

  • Let them choose where they sit to get the most out of the day
  • Invite teammates to join at a nearby desk or place a booking for them via a delegated booking functionality
  • Customize invites 
  • Add and sync with up to 15 Favorite colleagues
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How WorkBetter Delivers Better Hybrid Experiences

WorkBetter is at the frontier of Hybrid working – 90% of their clients are using the Hybrid Workplace solution, and almost all new inquiries they receive must support a hybrid clientele.

Increase Revenue and Improve the Experience

By utilizing an advanced hybrid work system, you can attract larger tenants in smaller dedicated spaces and still make their experience a breeze. It’s a win-win for all parties:.

  • Employees utilize hybrid and remote work
  • Companies pay less for real estate in total
  • Flex space operators make more revenue per sq. ft.
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Having a hybrid working methodology can only benefit the community. Depending on the days, people are coming in and different groups can interact. Having the chance for more people to be a part of our community increases engagement, more people are present, and more users can use all the functionality of your building.

Tony Aleksandrov
CEO | Work Better

Learn About Hybrid Work

  • What is hybrid work?
    Hybrid work refers to a work arrangement where employees split their time between working remotely and coming into a physical office or workplace. It combines elements of both remote work and traditional in-office work. This approach allows for flexibility, improved work-life balance, and reduced office costs for employers. It often involves the use of technology to facilitate communication and collaboration between remote and in-office team members.
  • Why Enable Hybrid Work in My Flex Space?
    Enabling hybrid work in a flex space offers several benefits for members’ teams including increased productivity and employee satisfaction. By allowing employees to choose between working remotely and using the flexible office space, it fosters a more adaptable and accommodating work environment. Additionally, hybrid work can lead to cost savings for businesses, as they can optimize their office space based on actual usage patterns and reduce the need for a dedicated desk for every employee.
  • What do I Need to Enable and Manage Hybrid Work?
    To enable and manage hybrid work effectively, you will need to invest in robust communication and collaboration tools that facilitate seamless interaction between remote and in-office teams. A reliable and secure remote access infrastructure is crucial to ensure remote employees can connect to company resources without disruptions. Additionally, implementing clear policies and guidelines for hybrid work, along with proper training for employees and managers, will help maintain productivity, work-life balance, and ensure a smooth transition to this flexible work model. You can do all that with a hybrid workplace management software that has desk booking, meeting room booking and workplace analytics features.
  • How does OfficeRnD Flex Support Hybrid Work Scheduling?
    OfficeRnD Flex allows dedicated space residents to manage their hybrid work policies and scheduling. It features an advanced desk booking system that includes shared spaces via Desk hoteling or Hot desking system, Activity-based working via Neighborhoods and zoning, Pattern-based working via Advanced Recurring booking, and Permanent spaces via Assigned desks. The software also enables members to easily find and book the ideal desk for the day, thus ensuring a smooth hybrid work schedule.

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  • Automate tasks with deep integrations
  • Make data-led decisions