FlexWorld Series 2023 is the nexus where innovation, industry insights, and a community of like-minded professionals converge, offering you unparalleled opportunities to advance in the flexible workspace arena.

In today’s ever-evolving corporate landscape, the push towards flexibility and sustainability has become nothing short of a transformative force.

At OfficeRnD, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to lead this charge, driven by our commitment to innovative solutions. Our journey in revolutionizing flexible work owes its success not just to our amazing team but equally to our cherished clients who motivate us to continually raise the bar.

This year, FlexWorld Series 2023 is a tribute to our clients – the remarkable companies that have endorsed our ethos of innovation and flexibility. We celebrate our collective achievements and extend a warm invitation for you to join this momentous occasion.


As November 1, 2023, approaches, the excitement is growing every day! We’re gathering some of the brightest minds in the industry to facilitate an exchange of insights, delve into the latest coworking trends, and chart the boundless opportunities that await us.

A Glimpse into FlexWorld Series 2023 Topics and Discussions

The event will provide a deep dive into the future of flexible workspaces, and here’s a sneak peek into just some of the enriching sessions we have lined up:

  1. Hybrid Workplace Integration: Unlocking New Levels of Flexibility at your Coworking Space – Led by OfficeRnD’s GM of the Hybrid division, Ivan Guberkov, this session will describe the benefits of incorporating hybrid working into your coworking space. We’ll dive into the world of seamless booking tools that not only streamline hybrid scheduling but also elevate collaborative efforts. You’ll gain insights from operators who’ve seamlessly integrated hybrid working into their spaces. Whether it’s reserving desks, organizing meetings, or coordinating weekly agendas, an intuitive Member Portal ensures that hybrid tools are easily accessible, placing unparalleled convenience and efficiency at the forefront for your members.
  2. Tech-Powered Strategies for Maximizing ROI and Revenue Generation – …because at the end of the day, who doesn’t want more revenue for their business? Join industry experts Erin Maxson, Hasan Mirjan, Hector Kolonas, and Michael Everts as they unravel the strategies to elevate your coworking space’s financial trajectory. Learn how OfficeRnD’s state-of-the-art tools can be your catalyst for constant financial growth.
  3. Let’s Talk Payments – Gain valuable insights into the evolving landscape of payment technologies in the coworking sector from our CEO, Miro Miroslavov, and Hilary Platt, account executive at Stripe. Discover the latest innovations from OfficeRnD that can enhance your payment processes and boost your financial outcomes.
  4. WiFi Unplugged: Mastering WiFi in Flex & Coworking Spaces – engage in a captivating session with Radoslav Enchev, Alex Rabarts, and Alexander Vodola as they demystify the intricacies of WiFi in coworking spaces. From addressing security concerns to bridging the gap between expectations and reality, this discussion promises a wealth of insights on a very important topic.
  5. …and more! See the full agenda here and register for the event now!

Meet the Speakers

This year, we’re ecstatic to reunite with Ben Munn, managing director and Global Lead of JLL’s flexible space solutions, Erin Maxon, head of digital at COhatchck, and of course, our visionary CEO, Miro Miroslavov.

But wait, there’s more!

Our lineup doesn’t stop here. We have a whole roster of dynamic speakers, each with their own expertise and invaluable insights to share.


From architects of coworking communities to strategists of flexible workspaces, FlexWorld 2023 is a mosaic of diverse perspectives, guaranteed to ignite inspiration and empowerment. You can see the full list of speakers at this year’s edition on our website https://flexworld.io/.

Your Invitation to the Future

FlexWorld Series 2023 is not just a conference; it’s a convergence of innovation and inspiration, a platform where the future of flexible work is being shaped.

Your journey to the next frontier of flexible workspaces begins here. Register now.


“FlexWorld is key to helping flexible workspace operators stay ahead in an increasingly competitive and dynamic market.” – Adam Blaskey, CEO, Produktiv


“FlexWorld is a massive networking event… Great to meet like-minded people who are challenging the dusty office space industry.” – Ieva Dvilinskiene, Co-founder, FlowSpace


“FlexWorld was an informative and thought-provoking event…” – John Wichmann, CEO & Managing Director, Topsail Advisors

Join us in shaping the future, where every space is a canvas of limitless potential!

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