You can now connect 1300+ coworking apps through Zapier and OfficeRnD!

We’ve put a lot of sweat in it to make sure it covers use-cases that span the whole member journey.

Why? Because we see it as an important component that supports our goal of providing coworking spaces with the foundation they need to focus on growing and scaling their business.

Below we’ve featured a dozen use-cases (i.e. templates) to illustrate the depth of the integration and give you some basic understanding of the principles behind it. If you’re experimenting with use cases in your space and are missing some functionality, make sure to let us know at [email protected]!

Let’s take a look at some examples from each stage of the member journey:

Pre-sales and Onboarding Stage

onboarding stage coworking spaces

The usual goal here would be to automate and improve parts of your sales process and ensure a smooth hand-off to onboarding.

From a sales perspective, there are two main scenarios we can take as an example:

(Sales) Using OfficeRnD to manage your pre-sales process – if you’re using OfficeRnD to manage leads, you’re probably missing some “marketing features” that help to close the complete pre-sales loop. Here is the list we could think of (+ example solutions):

1) Creating Leads in OfficeRnD from new form submissions on your marketing website – think of an inquiry form on your website that automatically creates leads in OfficeRnD once it’s filled in. Example template to achieve this with Typeform:

2) Creating Leads AND Opportunities when prospects book a tour via a calendar link/widget on your marketing website – it’s a good idea to give prospects the chance to directly book a slot on your calendar for a tour, since it eliminates friction in your “funnel” and improves conversion from website visitor to lead. In this case, you’d want to automatically create leads and opportunities in OfficeRnD. Example template to achieve this with Calendly:

3) Getting prompt notifications via email or chat once a new Lead and/or Opportunity is created – example template to achieve this with Slack and Gmail:

(Sales) Using a dedicated CRM to manage your pre-sales process – if you’re using an external CRM to manage leads, you probably have all of the above covered to a fair extent. However, since OfficeRnD serves as your after-sales/coworking CRM, you still need to have all of your customer data in both places.

Manual data transfer is not only a time-consuming task, but can also lead to human errors that can result in extra time spent to correct them, or worse – bad customer experience during onboarding.

We’ve set up a template with HubSpot that transfer ONLY contacts and companies that converted to customers:

We’ve also set up a template with SalesForce that transfers ALL contacts and accounts that are created:

(Onboarding) Ensuring a smooth transition to onboarding – getting a prompt notification once a Lead becomes a Customer is key to kicking-off the onboarding process with new members on the right foot. To enable such notifications, you can use the following templates we’ve set up with Slack and Gmail:

Quick Tip: If you operate multiple locations, you can set up an automation that considers in which location the new Company will be moving in and sends an email to the respective Center Manager with relevant details (starting date, team size, office they’ll be occupying, etc.). Ping us if you need help with setting this up!

(Onboarding) Automatically adding new members to email marketing tools – the purpose of this template is to make sure your members stay informed of important information by automatically adding them to your email marketing tools. We’ve set up a template that works with MailChimp (but any other tool should do the trick):

Active Member Stage

active member stage coworking spaces

The tasks and processes that can be automated here are countless, so we’ll go over 2 use-cases to get your creative juices flowing and leave the rest to you.

Post events you’re hosting automatically to OfficeRnD – the purpose here would be to increase the attendance of your events by pushing them to your coworking community through multiple channels. We’ve created a template that pushes events from Eventbrite to OfficeRnD, but you can make it work the other way around and/or with other event platforms as well.

Update event calendar automatically – making sure that upcoming events will stay top of mind by adding them to an events calendar (or your personal calendar). Template features Google Calendar:

Former Members

We’ve thought about 2 use cases here, but again based on your specific context you can achieve way more:

Moving former members to a different subscriber list in your email marketing tool – once members leave your space, you’ll want to make sure they won’t be getting any irrelevant information from you, besides marketing emails. To do so, you have to either move them to another list or segment one of your existing subscriber lists. We’ve set up a template with Mailchimp to achieve this:

Sending exit surveys to members once they leave your space – it’s important for every business to constantly improve its service. Members feedback, of course, is essential to do that in a coworking space. You can automatically send exit surveys to ensure you’re not missing on a key piece of feedback. We’ve set up a template with SurveyMonkey to achieve this:

How do you enable the integration with Zapier?

You can learn more about how to enable the integration and get started with using Zapier on the following link.

We also recommend that you check out our page on the Zapier website to stay up-to-date with more templates we’ll be creating or access the ones we’ve listed above.

Happy automating!

Asen Stoyanchev
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