Remote and hybrid working has risen significantly in popularity in recent years. However, those who embrace it are also aware of its drawbacks for users, which can include monotony, loneliness, and productivity-hampering distractions.

Enter coworking spaces. Coworking spaces provide a professional work environment along with a sense of community, high-speed internet, comfortable seating, and even self-service coffee machines. What’s more, coworking space day passes allow users to rent desks for a day with no long-term commitment necessary — so they can try out different options until they find one that suits them best.

This article explores coworking space day passes in detail for the benefit of coworking space owners, managers, and operators. It includes their types, advantages, and how to implement them easily.

Quick Summary

  • A coworking space day pass allows members to work in and use the amenities of a coworking space for a day. That flexibility is an excellent revenue booster for owners and managers who offer this benefit to potential members.
  • There are two types of coworking space day passes: one-time and recurring.
  • Day passes help manage access for members or casual drop-ins who don’t use these spaces every day, which makes them an excellent option to boost the revenue of your coworking space.

What Is a Coworking Space Day Pass?

A coworking space day pass allows its users (traveling professionals, freelancers, startup employees, etc.) to work in and use the amenities of a coworking space for a day.

There are thousands of coworking spaces in major cities around the world. In fact, the global flexible workspace market is expected to reach $24 billion by 2030. This means that users have a lot of choice when it comes to coworking options.

coworking space market size

Day passes enable coworking space owners, managers, and operators to manage access for members or casual drop-ins who don’t use these common spaces every day.

You can do that easily from the coworking management software you use.

For example, coworking space operators or admins who rely on OfficeRnD Flex to manage their spaces can easily offer day passes to their members in one of the following ways:

  • Adding a day pass manually to a member’s profile
  • Buying a one-off plan that grants day passes to members
  • Assigning a membership or one-off plan (that grants day passes) to members

Day pass holders may have different access to a coworking space than those with long-term passes. Those who hold long-term passes, such as monthly ones, may have 24-hour access to the building instead of fixed hours, as well as access to more services.

What Are the Different Kinds of Coworking Space Day Passes?

Here’s a quick overview of the day pass options you can offer:

One-Time Day Passes

As the name suggests, one-time day passes are meant for one-time use. Upon being added, they are available on a member’s profile until they are used up. There could be day passes and half-day passes.

Recurring Day Passes

Recurring day passes can be assigned to members at the beginning of each month, granting them a predetermined number of passes that remain active until they’re used up — or until the end of the month. A new set of day passes will need to be added at the beginning of every month.

Who Usually Uses a Coworking Space Day Pass?

Coworking space day passes are commonly used by remote workers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and startups. For frequent travelers, coworking spaces serve as secondary offices, providing an alternative, non-traditional workspace that can improve productivity and collaboration.

A coworking space day pass can benefit anyone seeking a productive and collaborative space among peers but doesn’t need to commit to long-term membership to a given space. Forty-six percent of coworkers have reported an increase in their productivity, while 49% have reported an improvement in their work skills while working from a coworking space.

coworking users stat

What Are the Benefits of a Coworking Space Day Pass?

There are several benefits of coworking space day passes, both for users and providers. Let’s explore them in detail.

Benefits for Coworking Space Owners and Operators

While day passes may not necessarily convert to a steady monthly revenue stream for coworking space owners, they still offer some notable advantages.

Boost User Adoption

Day passes are a lucrative way to bring more users to your coworking space. They don’t require any long-term commitments and, as a result, provide easy entry to prospective members. They also give users a taste of your offerings and amenities — so, with proper nurturing, you may be able to convert them into full-fledged members.

Expand Your Reach

Some employees travel for work frequently, and the hotels they stay in or local restaurants and cafés they visit may not have the private space, internet speed, or professional environment they need. Day passes are a great way to reach these individuals.

Increase Profitability

Coworking space day passes are particularly beneficial for startups. Sometimes, these businesses don’t have a fixed number of onsite staff working together at any given time, and new partners, collaborators, and consultants come and go. Day passes are cost-effective and logical to use in such cases. Then, as the startup becomes more stable and has more funds, it might consider long-term contracts with your coworking space.

Benefits for Users

Sixty-seven percent of remote workers appreciate remote work’s flexibility, 63% report they have more time in their day because they don’t need to commute, and 60% say remote work gives them the flexibility to live where they choose.

Here are some other benefits remote workers who use coworking space day passes can enjoy:

benefits of day passes for users

Less Monotony

A coworking day pass helps break the monotony of constantly working from home. It also gives them a safe and distraction-free workspace.

Help Save Money

Day passes to coworking spaces are a great money-saver. Instead of locking themselves into long-term leases, users only pay for the time they use the facility.

Various Perks

With a day pass reservation, users get many office perks, such as air conditioning, unlimited coffee, and great Wi-Fi.

Networking Opportunities

Coworking spots bring together all sorts of people, sparking connections, teamwork, and personal development. Meeting people with similar interests can fuel creativity and potential future collaborations.

Special Events

Some coworking spaces offer fun events where users can learn new skills and grow their businesses. Networking is a big part of coworking, as it helps users grow professionally and feel more connected to others.

Offer Day Passes to Your Members with OfficeRnD Flex

OfficeRnD Flex merges user-friendly front-end interfaces with extensive back-end customization, enabling operators to tailor their member experience through white-labeling, automate billing processes, and make informed workplace decisions based on data.

In contrast to platforms that require proprietary hardware, OfficeRnD Flex offers operators the flexibility to choose from more than 50 native integrations to create their ideal workplace ecosystem.

Plus, you can easily grant day and half-day passes to your members to boost your revenue through an intuitive dashboard.

To learn more, book a live demo to see how OfficeRnD Flex can completely transform your coworking space.


Can Anyone Use a Coworking Space?

Yes — anyone who is legally allowed to work in a specific country can book a coworking space there. Of course, this is also subject to the availability of those spaces.

Can You Book a Coworking Space for an Hour?

The answer to this question depends on the coworking space operator. Many companies offer hourly bookings, but you’ll need to visit their app or website to confirm whether that’s possible.

Can You Bring a Guest to a Coworking Space?

If a person doesn’t have the right badge or authorization, they will not be allowed to go past the reception area of any coworking space. This means you’ll have to make a separate booking for a guest if you want them to join you.

Some coworking companies offer guest passes, but you’ll have to ask for them in advance.

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