Do your coworking space amenities help your business stand out in the growing coworking space market?

With the market expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 14.9% from 2023 to 2030, it’s becoming more important to differentiate your coworking space to entice new members — and retain your existing ones. Having great amenities can help, and now is an ideal time to check yours.

In this article, we’ll look first at 12 basic amenities every coworking space should have. Then, we’ll highlight six unique amenities that can make your coworking space extra special.

Quick Summary:

  • The success of your coworking business hinges on providing unique and differentiated coworking space amenities, such as podcast studios, artisan coffee bars, and wellness zones, to attract a diverse and engaged membership base.
  • Coworking spaces will increasingly incorporate hybrid models that blend physical and digital environments, featuring advanced technologies for seamless remote collaboration and global connectivity.
  • Future coworking environments will prioritize sustainability and member wellness, integrating green technologies to create more environmentally responsible workspaces.

Why Are Coworking Space Amenities Important?

Coworking spaces like yours are where creativity and productivity can flourish, but only if your members have access to the coworking space amenities they need.

As a coworking space manager, it’s important to understand how higher-quality and differentiated amenities can help set your space apart from competitors.

Beyond the expected basics, coworking space tenants are seeking amenities that enhance their work quality and output volume. With the right balance of need-to-have and nice-to-have amenities in your space, you can create a highly attractive place to work. And make your coworking space profitable.

12 Key Amenities Every Coworking Space Needs

If you’re operating a coworking business, including the core amenities your members expect is a must. Here are 12 key amenities every coworking space should have:

High-Speed Internet

This one is (hopefully) a no-brainer. A solid and reliable internet connection is critical. Whether your members are hosting online events, attending virtual meetings, or working solo, most of them will need uninterrupted internet access with fast upload and download speeds.

Here’s how to enhance your coworking space Wi-Fi and security.

Comfortable Workstations

Ergonomic chairs and spacious desks are an essential part of your coworking space amenities. A well-designed workstation contributes to better posture and increased comfort for your members. Conversely, poor workstation design could lead to achy and uncomfortable workers who don’t stick around as coworking space members.

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Meeting and Conference Rooms

Access to private meeting spaces allows members to collaborate or make confidential calls in a professional setting. These rooms should be equipped with presentation tools and AV capabilities. With OfficeRnD Flex, you can manage meeting room bookings and display real-time room availability to your members.

Print and Scan Facilities

Your members might need to work with hard copies of documents occasionally, so make their lives easier by providing printing and scanning facilities on the floor. As with all your coworking space amenities, your goal should be to provide members with convenience. With print and scan facilities, you’ll save your members the hassle of seeking external services for their occasional paper-based needs.

Kitchen and Coffee Areas

Is your coworking space kitchen clean and well-stocked? A communal area with plenty of coffee, tea, sweeteners, creamer, and snacks is an integral part of a welcoming coworking space. The communal kitchen can provide a valuable gathering spot for members to take a break. It allows them to relax and refuel without leaving the office and breaking their work stride.

Reliable Security

With secure access and surveillance cameras, you can keep your members safe at work. Plus, you can add lockable storage for their personal belongings — a core benefit many coworking space users look for. You can even use OfficeRnD Member Mobile Access to put keys directly into a mobile app for easier and more secure access.

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Networking and Social Events

Holding events and workshops in your coworking space can add value to the membership and spark collaboration among members. These gatherings can range from professional development workshops to casual mixers, enriching the coworking experience. You could even allow members to bring guests: this means that more potential members will be exploring your space, leading to additional potential revenue!

In 2024, hospitality can give you a competitive edge in a crowded market, as discussed in our recent webinar “Essential Coworking and Flex Space Trends for 2024.”

Quiet Zones

Quiet zones or soundproof booths offer a sanctuary for deep work, important calls, or a break from the communal workspace buzz. With coworking management software such as OfficeRnD Flex, you can get a real-time view of which bookable spaces are reserved. The platform allows you to act fast to promote unused areas with discount codes and booking bundle offers to entice your members.

Recreation Areas

Space to kick back is important. Consider adding some comfy chairs in the lounge area where your members can take breaks and stretch out before getting back to work. You might improve a member’s day, leaving them more likely to recommend your coworking space to a friend.

High-Quality Air and Lighting

Good air circulation and plentiful natural light are crucial for creating a comfortable and healthy work environment. Paying attention to these factors can reduce fatigue and boost the moods of your members.

Dedicated Phone Booths

Phone booths offer a private space for making calls or participating in video conferences without disturbing others. They’re a great option for members who require confidentiality or want to avoid the background noise of communal areas. You can use OfficeRnD Flex to offer self-service booking calendars to your members when they need to reserve these spaces.

Mail and Package Handling

A dedicated mailroom for receiving and sending packages adds a layer of convenience for members, especially those running their own small businesses. This service ensures members never miss important deliveries and can manage their correspondence efficiently.

mail package

6 Unique Amenities to Help a Coworking Space Stand Out

The fixtures discussed in the last section are basic services you’ll need to provide as a coworking space provider; any coworking spot worth its salt will have them. If you want to stand out to your potential clients, though, you’ll need to go a step further.

Let’s look at other amenities you can provide if you want to build a top-class coworking facility that has members telling everyone they know.

On-Site Podcast and Recording Studio

Niche spaces are on the rise in 2024. It makes sense to try to cater to some specific industries and niches. For example, by offering a professional-grade podcast studio, you can offer your members the opportunity to produce high-quality audio content without buying their own expensive equipment. It’s also ideal for product managers looking to record audio for training materials.

Not all coworking spaces will offer this perk, making it a distinctive feature that adds significant value. As with all added extras, this offers the chance for more revenue. Luckily, by using OfficeRnD Flex, you can create custom purchase options for using coveted spaces around your coworking space and get a bird’s eye view of what is booked and when.

Artisan Coffee Bar with Barista

If you want to wow your members, consider giving them the opportunity to say goodbye to sad office coffee from pod coffee makers and hello to their own on-site barista! An on-site coffee bar with skilled staff can make coffee breaks special, creating a warm and welcoming hub for networking.

Naturally, this will be a pricier add-on service, requiring additional staffing for your space. Make sure to track the return on investments like this by assessing whether member retention improves after adding premium amenities such as coffee bars. OfficeRnD Flex allows you to run reports on your membership to measure length of stay, churn, and more.


Meditation and Mindfulness Zone

Meditation offers a range of health benefits, including lower blood pressure, sharper cognition, and better sleep. A dedicated space for meditation can enhance a serene working environment.

However you decide to bill for the use of such a space — whether monthly, per-use, or as a bundle — OfficeRnD Flex can help you keep track of all your finances so you can easily check that your members are paid up for the amenities they’re using.

In-House Professional Services

Offering members access to in-house professional services such as legal advice, accounting, or marketing support can significantly enhance the appeal of a coworking space. This unique amenity simplifies the process of finding trusted professionals and adds incredible value, particularly for startups and small businesses looking to grow.

Green spaces

An urban farm or garden offers a green retreat. For example, you could offer a rooftop garden where members can grow their own herbs and vegetables or a green wall that enhances air quality and aesthetics. Either way, these features could boost the appeal and marketing potential of a coworking space. Plus, these green areas could provide locations for local sustainability initiatives, such as recycling drives.

Virtual Reality (VR) Lounge

A VR lounge equipped with the latest virtual reality technology can offer an escape from the ordinary, allowing members to engage in everything from virtual meetings and design work to meditation and stress relief. This cutting-edge amenity positions the coworking space as a forward-thinking environment that embraces new technologies.

You’ll want to make the most of such a space, and OfficeRnD Flex is ideal for helping you stay on top of reservations so you can promote vacant VR lounge slots without delay.


From Tenants to Community: Building Connections Through Amenities

In coworking spaces, amenities go beyond mere conveniences; they act as catalysts for community building and fostering connections among tenants. By making your space a hub for relaxing, socializing, and networking — as well as just a place to work — you can offer your members a sense of community that makes their monthly subscription fee well worth the continued investment.

Moreover, hosting events and workshops catering to the interests and needs of the members can further cement the community feeling. These can range from professional development seminars and networking mixers to wellness activities and social gatherings.

Looking Ahead at the Coworking Space of Tomorrow

What will coworking look like in the future? As the coworking market evolves and shifts, you’ll need to position your business as a forward-looking organization to be poised for the best success — and offering great coworking space amenities is a part of that.

Interested in learning what the future holds for the flex space industry in 2024 and beyond? Download this free industry report that’s packed with invaluable insider information.

As remote work becomes a staple and businesses continue to seek flexible office solutions, the popularity of coworking spaces is set to continue reshaping the landscape of the traditional workplace.

Future coworking spaces will emphasize hybrid models, blending physical and digital workspaces to seamlessly accommodate remote and in-person members. This evolution will require high-tech amenities, such as advanced video conferencing facilities and virtual reality zones. Plus, as sustainability and wellness become hot issues, spaces that incorporate green technologies will catch the eye of environmentally conscious remote workers.

As a coworking space manager, your focus should be on creating spaces that foster collaboration, innovation, and sustainability to remain competitive in the coworking space of tomorrow.

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Manage Your Coworking Space With OfficeRnD Flex

Once you’ve invested in the quality coworking space amenities your members are looking for, OfficeRnD Flex can help you keep everything running smoothly on-site.

With this customizable platform, you can:

  • Sell access to meeting rooms, podcast spaces, and other private areas on-site
  • Create bundles and discounts for coworking space add-ons, including access to premium amenities
  • Stay on top of billing, with automation to take the headache out of monthly subscription payments and one-off bookings alike
  • Keep members happy and automate the rest

To learn more, book a demo today and talk with one of our workspace experts.


What is Included in a Coworking Space?

A coworking space typically includes shared workstations, private offices, meeting rooms, and common areas. These spaces also offer amenities such as high-speed internet, printing facilities, and sometimes refreshment areas with coffee and snacks. Additional perks might include access to networking events, workshops, and administrative support, enhancing the working environment for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers.

What Makes a Coworking Space Unique?

What makes a coworking space unique is its ability to foster a community among diverse groups of professionals who might not otherwise interact. These spaces are often designed with creativity and collaboration in mind, featuring flexible work areas, themed decor, and amenities tailored to enhance productivity and well-being. Additionally, coworking spaces frequently host events and workshops that provide value beyond just a work environment, contributing to both professional growth and social engagement.

What is a Must-Have Amenity in a Coworking Space?

Some of the must-have amenities coworking spaces must have are:

  • High-speed and secure internet connection
  • Comfortable desks and chairs
  • Printing facility
  • Meeting rooms
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