In 2020, we achieved huge progress by introducing hundreds of improvements, new features, and fixes, and growing as a team. And we’re absolutely determined to keep and even pick up the pace in 2021!

COVID-19 has totally disrupted how and where we work and proved to companies and employees that flexibility is the future of work.

We feel really fortunate in our position as we’re clearly seeing the rapid acceleration of the trends that have driven our industry forward in the last decade.

The flexible workspace industry forward is yet to grow and develop. We can’t say for sure where exactly it is headed.

But we are more than certain it’s in the right direction and we’re thrilled to be supporting flex spaces on this exciting journey.

In 2021, we’ll take our product to the next level and make sure that our customers will have the necessary tools to emerge stronger from these turbulent times.

And every new improvement and tool we add to the OfficeRnD arsenal will be guided by two underlying objectives:

  • Maximizing the efficiency of operations in flex workspaces
  • Excelling in managing the increased flexibility requirements

Below you will find more info about each of them. You can also check out our 2021 Product Roadmap webinar.

Maximizing the efficiency of operations in flex spaces

We strive to offload as much of the operational burden as possible, so operators can focus on what they love most – delivering an exceptional member experience.

Therefore, we’ll continue to invest in additional functionality and extensibility of the OfficeRnD product.

We’ll put enormous effort into making the OfficeRnD platform capable of accommodating the immense variety of flavors of the business models operators are experimenting with.

There are a few specific areas where we’ll spend significant time to strengthen some of our key fundamentals:

  • Reporting and insights – we’ll significantly expand our ability to update and release new out-of-the-box reports, as well as the ability to offer custom reports to the more developed businesses we service.
  • WiFi – we’ll expand the number of providers we’ve natively integrated into OfficeRnD to provide more integration options.
  • Multi-organization management – we’ll improve the process of managing multiple organizations in OfficeRnD to better serve operators that grow through Franchise or are distributed in multiple countries and need to handle multiple currencies.

Maximizing the efficiency of operations

As always, the goal of each improvement is to save Flex Ops Teams even more time.

However, the added complexity can sometimes have the opposite effect. And we are well aware that we need to (and will!) invest real effort in mitigating this risk.

This year, we’ll continue to focus on understanding the users of our platform. Our goal will be to better understand their needs, clearly define the challenges they have with our existing functionality and eliminate as much of them as possible.

We will look at how we can best polish what we’ve already built. Also, we’ll add those smaller missing pieces to the most important workflows that have the potential to save precious hours of our users’ time.

Excelling in managing the increased flexibility requirements

Flexibility has always been the centerpiece of our industry. 2020 clearly showed us that the workforce will demand more of it in the future.

And of course, the increased level of flexibility will undoubtedly lead to more operational overhead for Space as a Service providers.

Take for example all the companies that were forced to downsize their dedicated offices but still want to allow all their employees to use the offices on-demand.

To cater to that requirement, operators will have to help them manage a hotdesking area in their own office. Another option is to manage an allowance for some of the office members that provides them with access to the space’s open areas.

Enabling operators to manage these increased flexibility requirements will be one of our key objectives. Therefore, we’ll spend a significant amount of effort to understand and cater for the flex products that will emerge. We’ll also look at the complete journey of Flex Members and make sure to make it as frictionless as possible.

Of course, our Member Apps will be instrumental in achieving this objective and we will advance them greatly.

Similar to last year, you can expect us to make major leaps every few months. Our laser focus will be on making all functionalities available across the full suite of apps and further improving their Design and UX.

OfficeRnD 2021 Roadmap themes

I hope that the context above will help you better understand the main objectives that are guiding our roadmap and dictate the topics we’ve placed on it.

Here they are (check the table below the bullets for more context).

Now (In progress)

  • Multi-location Services
  • Reporting and Insights
  • Mobile App/Web App feature parity
  • Managing Food and Beverage

Next (This Year)

  • Improving UX of Key Admin Flows
  • Multi-organization Management
  • Discount Coupon Codes
  • CRM Integrations (Salesforce)
  • Improving Public Booking Tools
  • Improved Management of Flex Seats Areas
  • Floorplan Bookings
  • Improved Personal/Company Billing
  • WiFi Integrations
  • Access Control (Mobile + Multilocation)

Later (Tentative)

  • Event Tickets Purchasing
  • Tablet Apps Improvements
  • Apps Localization

OfficeRnD 2021 Roadmap themes

Please have in mind that the Themes presented above are our best guess on how we can achieve those objectives at this point in time.

However, they might shift slightly once we progress down the list and learn more about each area and how it can impact our goals.

In final words, we hope you’re just as excited about 2021 like we are.

Stay tuned! We’ll make sure to keep you updated on our progress throughout the year!

Momchil Andreev
Product Director
Momchil is the Product Director at OfficeRnD. A technology enthusiast by heart, he spent the last decade in technology companies helping them build and push to market products that help other businesses succeed commercially. His confidence that technology is a driver for good mixed with his appreciation of good customer experience led him to join the OfficeRnD team, where he’s now driven by the goal of helping our industry change how people “consume” workspaces in a way that improves the quality of their well being and chance of professional success.