Three years ago we started the FlexWorld Series with one goal – to create a cornerstone event in the flexible workspace industry. This year’s edition was entitled “Revolutionizing Work, Redefining Flex Spaces” and it wasn’t just a hub for sharing groundbreaking ideas; it was a treasure trove of practical insights and strategies poised to redefine the future of our work environments.

The virtual gathering of industry leaders and innovators provided a deeper understanding of the evolving dynamics of workspaces and offered a wealth of forward-thinking strategies.

Let’s delve into more detailed insights from the key sessions.

The Evolving Landscape of Workspaces

Key Insight: Despite the recent news highlighting the WeWork bankruptcy, the coworking and flexible workspace industry is in great shape and has a bright future, with the potential for massive growth and a changing demand profile for office buildings.

The event kicked off with a keynote from OfficeRnD’s CEO and co-founder Miro Miroslavov and Ben Munn, Managing Director and Global Lead, JLL Flex.

The session painted a vivid picture of the current state and exciting future of coworking and flexible workspaces.

Some key insights included:

  • An analysis of the market research showing the robust health and bright prospects for the industry.
  • Discussion on the changing demand for office buildings, raising questions about their future role.
  • The concept of “earning the commute” in a post-pandemic world, questioning the value of physical office spaces.
  • Varied global perspectives on office time, highlighting regional differences in flexibility expectations.
  • Companies and employees are at odds over remote work, with employees wanting more flexibility and employers tightening the reins of remote work.
  • Human connectivity and physical presence in the office are crucial for productivity and collaboration, but the commute time in larger cities is a big issue for employees.
  • The flex space is essential for addressing productivity issues and providing a suitable work environment for the future.

Watch the entire session below:

Hybrid Workplace Integration: Unlocking New Levels of Flexibility at your Coworking Space

Key Insight: By implementing the hybrid work model in coworking spaces, operators can skyrocket member experience.

Led by Ivan Guberkov GM Hybrid, OfficeRnD, and Tony Aleksandrov, Co-Founder and CEO, WorkBetter, this session provided practical insights into integrating hybrid work models in coworking spaces.

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Here’s a quick overview:

  • Integrating hybrid work tools into coworking spaces enables members to coordinate hybrid schedules and book office resources, thus unlocking new levels of flexibility.
  • The high adoption of the hybrid model among 43 companies sharing office space at one of Bulgaria’s most successful coworking spaces ‘Work Better’ proves that hybrid working is the way of working.
  • Having a hybrid working approach in coworking spaces is beneficial for the community.
  • Predictions about AI’s role in coworking spaces – there might be automatic access systems where employees can register, pay online, and have seamless access to the space.
  • The consistent quality of service is crucial for the long-term success of coworking spaces.

These insights reflect the evolving nature of work environments and the increasing importance of flexibility and technology integration in modern workplaces.

Watch the entire session below:

Tech-Powered Strategies for Maximizing ROI and Revenue Generation

Key Insight: Technology and innovation are essential for optimizing co-working spaces, driving profitability, and creating a seamless user experience.

Focusing on the role of technology in optimizing coworking spaces, this session showed that technology is paramount for optimizing business operations and driving profitability.

Here are some of the important discussions:

  • The focus of coworking spaces has shifted from just providing a place to work with good Wi-Fi to creating a community and bringing people together.
  • Coworking spaces can maximize revenue and scale quickly by leveraging virtual memberships and automatic revenue subscriptions.
  • The challenge for businesses is to find innovative ways to service the influx of people wanting to use office spaces for their creator economy or influencer businesses without cannibalizing traditional business.
  • The key to maximizing ROI is to create a seamless user experience by using the best pieces of every technology and bringing them together.
  • The potential of AI in understanding human behavior and its implications for coworking spaces.

Watch the entire session below:

The Future of Financial Transactions: Let’s Talk Payments

Key insight: Optimizing payments through low-cost, frictionless methods like instant debit solutions is crucial for businesses to maintain profitability and drive future growth in the payments industry.

This exciting session highlighted the evolving role of payments in business growth. Here’s a short summary:

  • Payments are crucial for every business as they represent cash flow, profitability, and growth, making it the most crucial aspect of a business.
  • Optimizing payments is essential for maintaining margins and profitability, especially in the hospitality industry where user experience is paramount.
  • The importance of integrating low-cost, frictionless payment methods like instant debit solutions.
  • The need for aligning operational customer data and financial data for strategic decision-making.
  • Future trends in payment methods, including the role of mobile payment apps and the significance of partnerships with companies like Stripe.
  • Direct bank debit or instant debit is becoming a real trend and will have a positive impact on businesses globally.

Watch the entire session below:

WiFi Unplugged: Mastering WiFi in Flex & Coworking Spaces

Key Insight: Implementing secure Wi-Fi solutions and prioritizing Wi-Fi security as a long-term investment is crucial for coworking and flex spaces to protect data, ensure privacy, and ultimately save money in the long run.

Critical for operators and focusing on the importance of secure and resilient Wi-Fi networks, this session covered:

  • The necessity for operators to prioritize Wi-Fi security as a long-term investment.
  • The advantages of cloud-based controllers and VLANs for efficient and secure Wi-Fi management.
  • Emerging technologies like Wi-Fi 7 and Wi-Fi HaLow, offering enhanced connectivity and security.
  • Lack of proper security not only reduces your revenue potential but could lead to a loss of customer data which could have a massive negative impact on your business.

Watch the entire session below:

OfficeRnD’s Vision for the Future – Our Product Roadmap

Key Insight: OfficeRnD’s mission is to improve the daily complexities faced by operators and enrich the experience of members, by providing top-notch features and integrations.

In this session, our product marketing manager Michael Everts provided a glimpse into OfficeRnD’s strategic plans for improving the flexible workspace experience, including:

  • New integrations and admin dashboard enhancements to streamline operations.
  • The introduction of dynamic pricing and revenue management tools for better pricing strategies.
  • The development of a new mobile app and powerful infrastructure integrations to enhance member experience,
  • The integration of OfficeRnD Flex with IronWifi allows operators to effortlessly integrate with an extensive array of Wi-Fi network management vendors, unlocking a new level of efficiency for their members.
  • Our exciting plans for a brand new visitor management experience that will streamline front desk management and provide unmatched member experience.

Watch the entire session below:

Big Shout Out to All Amazing Speakers

We’d like to thank all speakers who took part in this memorable event and shared their expert knowledge and invaluable insights. Thank you to:

The FlexWorld Series 2023 conference has not only provided a platform for sharing innovative ideas but also offered actionable insights for shaping the future of workspaces.

As the industry continues to evolve, the strategies and technologies discussed at this event will be instrumental in navigating the changing landscape of work.

And OfficeRnD will continue to have a pivotal role in creating the best possible experience for both operators and members.Check out this extensive list of the top coworking conferences to attend in 2024.

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