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How to Engage Your Coworking Community with Freckle Dashboard

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You know that feeling when you walk into a coworking space; a space that has a vibrant community? When the 3 essentials of every successful coworking community have been nailed you can feel the vibe in the air. The spirit of a true community. Hard to define, but easy to spot when done right.

Something we see a lot of success with is experimenting with new techniques and trying new tools that bring value to your community.

This leads to the main suspect that inspired this post – CoWork Me, a client of ours whose sole purpose is to connect people – professionally and personally – for the greater good! One of their most recent (and most successful) experiments is introducing the Freckle Dashboard, which we’d like to spotlight for you in this blog post.

We sat down to interview Tim Sullivan, Business Specialist at Freckle Dashboards, with the hope that more coworking spaces will benefit from this cool piece of technology that can make the idea of a real-time members dashboard a reality.

Here it is, read below!

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How would you describe the value of the ‘Freckle Dashboards’ for both coworking members and coworking space operators?

The Freckle Dashboard strengthens member connections within coworking spaces.

As a Coworking space operator, not only do you want your space occupied at full capacity but you want everyone to feel part of something bigger. By putting important community info on display, members can engage with activities, events, and club news whilst also have a direct connection to the vibe of your space. With the easy visual display of Freckle dashboards, members can have their finger on the pulse of your community and be in sync with what other members in the building are all about, who does what and how you can contact them. The dashboard is fully customizable, so you can choose what your members should be informed about. There are many opportunities to add a bit of fun to it, including live updates of the Spotify track which is being played at that moment in the space or the option to ask engaging questions such as ‘Star Wars or Star Trek?’ and watch the live replies on the screen.

As a member, you can get a quick glance overview of the coworking space that gives you enough information to feel empowered within your community. You can also have your 5-minutes of fame on the screen showcasing and promoting your brand, which can be a great conversation starter if you’re the new kid on the block.

Whether it is a motivational quote, upcoming seminar or images of member’s dogs on a slideshow, it is a sure way to keep everyone engaged.

What is the technology behind it and how easy is it to install?

Freckle uses custom hardware which is accessible remotely. Once the software is deployed, you just have to plug it in, connect to your local wifi and set up remote access. Our solution allows remote access to turn on and off TV monitors and update the visuals and content from anywhere in the world.

cowork me freckle dashboard community

Can you customize what content and information are being exposed? How easy is it to do so?

Yes, you can customize what is exposed either via OfficeRnD (through the integration we’ve developed) or the systems you currently use, depending on the needs of your space and our configuration that is based on them. Need to put up a promotion? Simply add an image to your promotion area. Need to add an event? Just add it to your Google calendar and it will show up. We’re also aware that companies change their priorities daily, so our whole team is ready to help with any upgrades or changes.

What does the integration with OfficeRnD entail and what are its capabilities? What can be exposed on the members’ dashboard?

Freckle has worked closely with OfficeRnD to make sure that anything you see on the OfficeRnD portal can be displayed on our screens. We custom design every plugin to look beautiful on every screen, whether it is a 100-inch TV or your smartphone. Some examples of the Freckle Dashboard capabilities include displaying member’s profiles, upcoming events, business promotions, and perks.

What is the price?

Freckle plans start from $20 a week. Price depends on how many custom systems you’d like to plug into your displays. Additional Freckle players can be purchased for $200, these will be displaying the same content on multiple screens. If you require a completely different screen for a different area we will bundle in packages to make it work for you.

Want to give it a try?

If you want to get more details on the Freckle Dashboards, go to www.getfreckle.com.au and check it out.

Bonus tip: There is a discount waiting for everybody that mentions they learned about Freckle from OfficeRnD.