Great usability and design should be an integral part of any digital product today. For the OfficeRnD products, we consider it not to be something that’s nice-to-have but to be of the utmost importance.

Saving people’s time is one of the main benefits of our products and probably the biggest reason why we exist. We save coworking space operators’ and their members’ time by automating or improving some administrative processes, or just by allowing them to do something that would otherwise require at least one conversation to complete.

For us, there is a second aspect to be considered here—how efficiently can our users complete those tasks? Is it a nice and easy experience for them, or do we leave them frustrated? Given the complexity of the OfficeRnD management software, we’re sure that sometimes it will be the latter. But that’s just not good enough—with that said, we decided to invest a significant amount of our efforts in the next several months in improving the design, the usability and the user experience of all our products.

We’ll start by introducing improvements to all operators using the coworking management software. A new, fresh and improved Admin portal is already available. Here’s a quick glimpse:

OfficeRnD management software

Our bigger focus till the end of this year though will fall on our Member Facing Apps. We’re well aware that our clients are putting the reputation of their brands on the line by pushing our apps to their members. When your members think about your brand, they associate it with 2 faces most directly—that of your team and that of the technology in your space that helps them the same way your team does.

The coworking market is getting more competitive by the day, which means that this second face of your brand, your member apps, should be as pretty (slick) and friendly (usable) as possible. With that said, you’ll be seeing a whole lot of improvements in all our member-facing tools by the end of the year.

We’ll make sure that in just a few months, we’ll equip you with the technology you need to make a dramatically better impression on your members, and increase revenue with a smooth online purchasing experience for new and existing members. Here’s a glimpse of some of the improvements we’re planning to introduce shortly:OfficeRnD booking software

We’ll keep you posted with all of the major updates we’ll be introducing!

Yet if you have any pressing ideas you’d like to share about the OfficeRnD management software in the meantime, please use our brand new Community Portal to share them with us and the public.

Momchil Andreev
Product Director
Momchil is the Product Director at OfficeRnD. A technology enthusiast by heart, he spent the last decade in technology companies helping them build and push to market products that help other businesses succeed commercially. His confidence that technology is a driver for good mixed with his appreciation of good customer experience led him to join the OfficeRnD team, where he’s now driven by the goal of helping our industry change how people “consume” workspaces in a way that improves the quality of their well being and chance of professional success.