There are over 50 000 000 people around the world who consider themselves influencers.

That’s crazy.

But who are the most distinguished hybrid work influencers that you really need to follow in 2024?

In this article, we’ve shortlisted eleven of the top opinion leaders whose voice matters the most in the exciting world of hybrid work. Moreover, the work they do with so much passion has the power to alter the state of the modern workplace.

They all have thousands of loyal social media followers and often talk about hot industry topics such as #hybridwork, #futureofwork, #remotework, #workplaceculture, #employeengagement, and #flexibleworking.

So, if you want to keep your finger on the pulse of the hybrid work industry, it’s recommended to follow its leaders.

How Hybrid Work Leaders Are Different?

Because of modern culture, the term “influencer” paints a templated picture in our minds. We often think about controversial celebrities who regularly post pompous pics on Instagram to ignite their audience.


Hybrid work influencers, on the other hand, use mainly LinkedIn and Twitter to share their message with the world.

They influence with insights, opinions, and actions rather than with pretentious pictures or video reels. As you’re about to learn, some of them even change the industry with the hybrid work tools they create.

Due to the nature of their work, some prefer to call them opinion leaders, bellwethers, motivators, or inspires. With their posts, they impact the way thousands of people handle their work lives.

Let’s see them.

Hybrid Work Influencers To Follow In 2024

#1 Dave Cairns

Dave Cairns began his career as a professional poker player. At one time, he was ranked as one of the top 100 online tournament players in the world. In 2012, he moved into commercial real estate and became an office leasing broker in Toronto, Canada.

He focuses on working with Space as a Service Operators (SPaaS) such as Convene, high-tech growth companies within the tech sector, and financial services firms as well as the landlords that represent these companies for their non-traditional office leasing needs.

He is an avid futurist who spends time on LinkedIn discussing the importance of SPaaS, hybrid work, and the future of work.

#2 Ken Yarmosh

Ken Yarmosh works with founders of remote businesses to modernize, automate, and scale those businesses. He believes that building a business remotely is a strategy, and remote work is an employment arrangement.

ken yarmosh

He works with founders, solopreneurs, and people managers to end the philosophies of business, management, and leadership created during the Industrial Revolution.

He assists consultants, creators, and managers as they move to remote solopreneur mentalities. The goal is to use a remote business strategy across all aspects of the business lifecycle.

#3 Dan Schawbel

  • Most Active On: LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Followers: 163,144
  • Current Occupation: New York Times Bestselling Author and Managing Partner of Workplace Intelligence
  • Notable Resources: Back to Human, Promote Yourself, Me 2.0

Dan Schawbel is the Dan Schawbel managing partner of Workplace Intelligence, which is a research and advisory firm that helps HR adjust to the newest trends, prepare for the future, and promote positive outcomes.

Dan Schawbel

He’s a best-selling author who has written three career books as well as numerous articles for such publications as Forbes, TIME, and The Economist. He also hosts the “5 Questions with Dan Schawbel” podcast that uses a five-question interview format to converse with notable people.

His focus areas include trends in employment and the workplace, the future of work, human resources, public relations, and management consulting, among others.

#4 Miro Miroslavov

Miro Miroslavov is a developer turned entrepreneur. He’s the co-founder and CEO of OfficeRnD – the ultimate management platform that enables thousands of landlords, operators, and companies to manage flexible and hybrid workplaces around the globe.

miro miroslavov hybrid work influencer

In 2022, Forbes Bulgaria awarded Miro Miroslavov in the Entrepreneur category at the DNA of Success Awards. His strong influence on hybrid work comes from creating and developing innovative hybrid work software and coworking space technology.

On LinkedIn, he shares a lot about the company’s progress and initiatives that empower the future of work.

As the co-founder of OfficeRnD, he has grown the company from the beginning to its current position as a global company with four offices worldwide. His mission is to “Make Flexible Working the Way of Working.” The above-mentioned quote from Miro is included in our article featuring twelve hybrid work quotes from renowned leaders.

#5 Michael Gutman

Michael Gutman has been a leader for remote teams for more than 14 years (since 2008), and he has been assisting with the growth of remote leaders since 2014.

michael gutman hybrid work opinion leader

As a CMO at FlexJobs, he helped connect companies and communities to remote jobs showing them the flexibility and power of remote work.

He has authored multiple courses on the LinkedIn Learning platform ranging from helping develop remote work policies to helping individuals as they land remote and hybrid jobs and strive for success in the remote workforce.

His courses have reached more than 700,000 professionals due to distribution by business and government agencies. He has coached various economic developers and leadership teams on how to create flexible and equitable remote work programs that are centered on creating a resilient and adaptable workforce.

He believes that access to remote upskilling and work opportunities will contribute to equitable upward mobility for everyone.

You can our full interview with Michael here.

#6 Cheryl Cran

Cheryl Cran was named number one in Future of Work by Onalytica. She works with leaders, teams, and entrepreneurs to build strategies for becoming future-ready. Her success has been in working with clients from various-sized businesses. She has success with Fortune 500 businesses as well as small and medium companies.

cheryl cran influencer of hybrid work


She launched her consulting firm in 1997. Since then, she has grown the business into a top-performing future of work consulting firm. She has had speaking engagements internationally for hundreds of events. She has written seven books on business and leadership.

Her NextMapping firm supplies leaders, teams, and entrepreneurs with proven strategies to help them create next-level success for the future by learning how to recognize and anticipate trends as well as giving them tools for navigating changes that come their way. The company offers solutions for accelerating success through coaching, consulting, online programs, and keynotes.

#7 Bruce Daisley

Bruce Daisley is a former Twitter VP turned best-selling author who consults with business leaders and writes about better working. He has been published in multiple prestigious publications. He is also the runner of the top business podcast Eat Sleep Work Repeat. His first book was a Sunday Times number-one bestseller.

bruce daisley

He specializes in building award-winning teams. He has won several awards for his contribution to new media. His focus is on work culture in a hybrid era, and his podcast is focused on that.

#8 Jeff Schwartz

Jeff Schwartz is a researcher, global advisor, author, executive, and professor who is dedicated to the exploration of the future of work, workforces, and workplaces.

jeff schwartz

In his position as VP at Gloat, he has led efforts to bring workforce agility and talent marketplaces to worldwide organizations. His successful book, “Work Disrupted”, was released in 2021. He is also an adjunct professor at Columbia Business School.

#9 Shelly Demotte Kramer

  • Most Active On: LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Followers: 13 000+
  • Current Occupation: Principal Analyst and Founding Partner, Futurum Research and the Futurum Group
  • Notable Resources: V3B blog

Shelly Demotte Kramer is a founding partner and principal analyst at Futurum Research. She is also the CEO and founder of V3 Broadsuite, and she is the president of their sister company: Broadsuite Media Group (BMG).

shelly demotee kramer

She is an entrepreneur who has a technology-centric focus. She has worked with some of the largest brands worldwide to help them understand the process of Digital Transformation in a hybrid work era.

She is an expert in everything technology related to the workplace: Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Cloud, Mobility, Cybersecurity, and Customer Experience, to name a few. Her insights on innovation and customer experience are based on real-world experience and success rather than a hypothesis.

She’s also an expert on collaboration and future of work.

#10 Harold Sinnott

Harold Sinnott is a tech influencer, speaker, author, and digital consultant whose focus is emerging technologies, hybrid work, the future of work, and digital transformation.

harold sinnott hybrid work

His experience expands across telecommunications, healthcare, and financial services industries. He works for B2B tech brands to help them scale and leverage the power of social media in various market segments such as mobility, cloud, 5G, cybersecurity, AI, IoT, and infrastructure as well as other areas.

He finds a consistent place among top global influencers and thought leaders recognized across frontier technology subjects and digital disruption. He’s a keynote speaker noted for covering topics from 5G technologies to Metaverse to Cyber Security and Future of Work.

#11 Marius Jarzyna

  • Most Active On: LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Followers: 4,044
  • Current Occupation: Founder and CEO of DeskNow GmbH
  • Notable Resources: DeskNow Blog

Founder and CEO of DeskNow, Marius Jarzyna is a successful, experienced leader and motivator. He has demonstrated success in telecommunications, staffing, and engineering.

Marius Jarzyna


He specializes in providing advice and guidance to young starters; he helps startups grow and find their niche. He says his success factors are building trust, empowerment, and enhancement.

DeskNow is billed as the Airbnb for workspaces. The team, led by Marius Jarzyna, helps you make your office digital, turning your empty spaces back into moneymakers.


How Do You Promote A Hybrid Work Environment?

To promote a hybrid work environment, you need to foster teamwork among those working onsite and off. Fostering that environment can present unique challenges. However, if you strive to make everyone feel included, create opportunities for off-site and on-site workers to collaborate intentionally, emphasize employee well-being, and make the work environment fun for everyone, you will be well on the way to promoting a successful hybrid work environment.

What Is Hybrid Working Culture?

Hybrid working culture is a flexible approach to the work environment that combines work from home with a traditional office environment. This culture provides flexibility in scheduling as well. Employees often choose how they work, and where, giving them more control and autonomy regarding their work week.

What Is A Hybrid Working Position?

A hybrid working position combines time working remotely with time spent in a traditional office setting. The employee often chooses what days they will work in which location. Many hybrid work companies adopt hybrid work policies that define the exact days on which employees should work from the office and specify the remote working days. Hybrid work allows workers to experience the best of both worlds.

How Can A Hybrid Employee Be Successful?

To help a hybrid employee be successful in their work environment, you’ll need to have strategies in place for creating a cohesive team. You should strive to create equality between remote, hybrid, and full-time office workers. Placing value on the people in your hybrid work environment will help foster success for those workers.

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