In the wake of the global pandemic, the world of work has undergone a massive transformation – the rise of hybrid work. In the past 2 years, hybrid working has become the norm for many companies and is now the norm for 28.2% of all full-time employees.

We are excited to extend an invitation for you to join us in an enlightening discussion about the future of hybrid work in 2024 and beyond. Save your seat now for our upcoming live webinar: “Evolving Workplaces: Top Hybrid Work Trends in 2024!

Our experts will delve deeper into the pivotal trends reshaping the world of hybrid work, offering valuable insights, and guidance for individuals and organizations eager to thrive in the new reality. They’ll provide a thorough analysis of what is coming up based on our experience as a hybrid work company and as a product company developing a hybrid work management system. After the webinar, you’ll be able not only to identify these trends but also to dissect the challenges and opportunities they present.


Tuesday, November 7, 11AM ET. And yes, recording will be sent out to all registrants shortly after the event!

What to Expect

A comprehensive deep-dive into the top hybrid work trends for 2024. You will also receive some valuable resources with more information on the topic, including the Hybrid Work Trends Report with 15 key trends to follow in the upcoming year. In less than one hour, you’ll learn:

  • The hottest trends in hybrid work for next year and beyond
  • The evolution of hybrid work policies and schedules
  • The remote work flexibility vs return-to-office challenges
  • The hybrid work tech stack leading organizations will choose in 2024
  • The answers to your questions during the live Q&A session

We’ll also be giving away essential resources to seamlessly manage your hybrid workplace, so make sure to attend!

Who Is It for

Whether you’re a team leader, an HR professional, or simply intrigued by the future of work, this webinar is your compass to navigate the evolving world of hybrid work.



webinar speaker Teddy Connell

Teddy Connell

Teddy Connell is a customer success leader who has been working with companies to manage hybrid and remote workforces since 2018. Here at OfficeRnD, Teddy heads the Customer Success team, bringing a wealth of experience and a genuine commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction and product excellence.

webinar speaker Ivan Guberkov

Ivan Guberkov

Ivan Guberkov is a seasoned product and revenue leader with over a decade of experience in B2B SaaS software companies. At OfficeRnD, he is combining revenue-focused leadership with a strong product strategy, leading the OfficeRnD product division responsible for developing the Hybrid Workplace Management product of the company.

Save your seat now, and let’s navigate the evolving world of hybrid work together. The future is waiting, and we are here to guide you.

Elitsa Koeva
Content Marketing Specialist
Elitsa has a passion for understanding the ways in which people work and perceive the workplace. She is interested in growth mechanics and the scaling of startups, and eager to explore the possibilities of furthering this field. In her free time, she enjoys escaping the hustle of city life and connecting with nature.