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Meet the New OfficeRnD Marketplace

In today’s flexible workspace customers demand a simple and convenient booking and checkout experience. People want to be able to book an office, rent a desk, or order a sandwich the same way they can easily book a flight or a hotel on their phone.

The easier those decisions are, and the more pleasant the experience, the more trust there is between the space and the customer – and the more likely that customer will purchase again.

In our opinion, great customer service should be seamless – from the point of purchase in the store, to the transaction, to the delivery.

For this reason, we are excited to present OfficeRnD Marketplace – a digital ecosystem that brings all of your shops, vendors, and stores together to facilitate simple customer transactions.

Enhance your members’ shopping experience with Stores

enhance member experience with stores

We understand that building a successful community involves partnering with local stores, vendors, cafes and restaurants to make it easier for your members to purchase goods. With the release of Marketplace, we now allow operators to add custom branded Stores into the member portal!

OfficeRnD Marketplace allows you to create branded stores (such as a local cafe) to offer specific items from their menu so your members can easily browse through the items and make an order.

The order can be charged to the customer’s account using stored payment details and an itemized order summary can easily be shared with the Store so they can prepare the order.

We believe that this should greatly simplify the food and service ordering experience for customers across the workspace!

Streamline the purchase process with Mobile Ordering

Members can make orders from the Members Portal, but we know often times people like to order food from their phones. With the Marketplace update, members can now order foods, drinks, and services through the OfficeRnD mobile app.
streamline the purchase process with mobile ordering

Members of a workspace can clearly see pricing, details, and availability through the app and purchase items using their stored payment details.

Manage complex catering requests with ease

The OfficeRnD team also understands how difficult managing large orders for meetings and events can be. With the Marketplace update we have added an entire “Orders” module that allows your members, guests, and staff to create specific orders to make the process from Order to delivery easier to manage as an operator.

manage catering in flex space

This ordering and purchase process is now automated so that it should be much easier to introduce a catering option to your space if you haven’t done so before. Support for catering menus has been requested for a while, and we are excited to hear your thoughts and feedback about this feature!

Getting Started with OfficeRnD Marketplace

We’ll lift the curtains on this feature during our upcoming release event FlexForward. Save your spot to see the new functionality in action and learn when those cool new features are available in your accounts.

Note that the feature will be available in the OfficeRnD platform from June 11th, 2021. If you are an OfficeRnD Start, Grow, or Scale customer you can start elevating your service experience and use Marketplace right after this date.

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