One of the most important aspects to running a safe and secure flex space is access control. To help automate and improve this process, many businesses have implemented digital readers that can interact with an app on your phone so you may gain instant entry into any office or meeting room. In the past this process required users to download both the OfficeRnD Members app and the Door Access app to take full advantage of the physical space.

After many customer requests we are thrilled to introduce digital office keys inside your OfficeRnD Members App! Member Mobile Access simplifies the onboarding process for operators and streamlines door access for members. 

Use the OfficeRnD Mobile App to Unlock Space Doors

After the door access integration is connected and Member Mobile Access is enabled members will be prompted to authenticate their digital office key when they first login to the mobile app. Once the user has authenticated their access credentials they can tap the key icon within the OfficeRnD Member app and put their phone near the door reader. The phone will sync with the reader and unlock the door to the office or meeting room as needed.

Currently Member Mobile Access only supports Salto KS readers, but we are planning to connect with additional door systems like Kisi and Brivo in the near future.

Setup Member Mobile Access

OfficeRnD Mobile Access will be available for operators with the Premium Apps Package later this year.  If you are an OfficeRnD Start, Grow, or Scale customer and currently are using Salto KS for door access contact us at [email protected] to get started. If you’re not using OfficeRnD already, sign up for a free 30-day OfficeRnD trial to get started and try out our platform today!

We will be announcing more details about the Mobile Access feature update at our Industry Event FlexWorld! Join us this October for further product updates and to hear from industry experts about the future of flexible and hybrid work!

Michael Everts
Product Marketing
Mike Everts is a Product Marketing Manager at OfficeRnD with many years of experience in running coworking and flex spaces.