As brands grow to become multi-location operators, it can be difficult for owners to collect the revenue from each service into the specific bank account where it has been used by members.

We understand that billing and payment collection are core to running a successful flex business. To solve these unique workspace problems we are excited to announce the release of Multi-Location Billing!

Simple invoicing and payment collection

With Multi-Location Billing, operators can more easily collect revenue into a specific billing entity that they have designated to receive payment for their services.

For example – if a member with a membership at Location A decides to book a conference room at Location B, your team will now be able to generate invoices and collect revenue to the accounts where the specific services occurred.

Multi-location coworking billing will allow your organization to send location-specific invoices to your members that travel to different locations and purchase various services.

Easily view members across multi-location organizations

Another improvement we are making as part of the Multi-Location Billing update is the ability for greater visibility across locations for employees who do not have full access to other locations within the organization.

This means that a Community Manager at Location A will now be able to see Members from other locations, but will not have the ability to edit membership details for that location.

If a member from another location shows up in your space it will be now much easier to search for that member within the system. You’ll be able to get limited details about their membership and credit status with a couple of clicks.

We know that this improvement will help multi-location operators better service their members across a network of workspaces.

Integrate with the apps you love

OfficeRnD integrates natively across locations with numerous accounting and payment apps such as Xero, QuickBooks, Stripe, PayPal, and more. And having all your software solutions connected enables a fully automated, integrated, and error-free billing process.

See the full list of OfficeRnD’s native integrations here.

Curious to see Multi-Location Billing in action?

We’ve been working hard to make multi-location billing easier for operators. This is something that has been asked for a lot by larger customers and we will continue to work on making improvements in this area over the coming months. You can access the support article to set up Multi-Location Billing here:–By-Location-Invoice-Generation

Did we get you interested? You can take advantage of the new feature straight away! If you’re a customer and need help, please contact [email protected] and we’ll help assist you.

If you’re not yet a customer but curious to see the feature, book your demo or activate your 30-day free trial.

Michael Everts
Product Marketing
Mike Everts is a Product Marketing Manager at OfficeRnD with many years of experience in running coworking and flex spaces.