Simplifying the room and desk booking experience has become extremely important as companies return to the office in a post-pandemic workplace.  Some of the main challenges we’ve discovered workers are running into include:

  • visibility on who’s in the workspace and when
  • providing an easy and visual way to reserve rooms and desks
  • simplifying door access to the workplace

With the rise of the hybrid work model, we must address these challenges so that members feel confident making bookings and navigating around the office!

Visualize your workspace and simplify room and desk booking

We are thrilled to launch OfficeRnD Floorplan Booking to help flex spaces solve the issues of the post-pandemic workplace!

officernd room and desk booking software

Over the past year, we had plenty of conversations with customers to best identify their needs and challenges regarding booking. After many collaboration sessions and customer interviews, we built an intuitive, smart, and simple solution to help spaces manage room and desk booking. A one that’s millions of years ahead of the old-school Excel sheet desk booking template.

OfficeRnD Floorplan Booking allows your customers to view your resources on an interactive map and easily select the space they want to book for the day. We are excited to bring this to the platform and can’t wait to see your members start using it!

Explore the workspace like never before

Room and desk booking is now smarter and easier! With OfficeRnD Floorplan Booking you can display meeting rooms, desks, and other resources inside the member portal for your members to easily review.

Workplace map — review the floorplan and evaluate the space

Meeting room booking — find the ideal size and location for your meeting room

Desk booking — easily find your seat or book a flexible desk on the floorplan

Resource booking — book phone booths, lockers, and other flexible resources

Automate your office door access

OfficeRnD integrates with many 3rd party tools that streamline door access and room reservations workflows across a building. Systems like Kisi, Brivo and SALTO KS can automatically unlock doors when a member books from the floorplan and enable space or room access for your members automatically.

Get started with OfficeRnD Floorplan Booking

We lifted the curtains on Floorplan Booking during our release event FlexForward. There’s a recording available for you to see the new functionality in action.

Floorplan booking is available to all OfficeRnD customers and members today. To use this feature first enable “Floorplan calendar view” on the backend in Settings / Platform / Calendar & Bookings. Once this is done navigate to the members’ meeting calendar, click on the Calendar icon, and select “Floorplan View”. This will change the view to an interactive floorplan that you can move and resize based on your booking needs.

If you are not using currently using OfficeRnD, book your demo or sign up for a free 14-day trial and visualize your office in a whole new way!

Michael Everts
Product Marketing
Mike Everts is a Product Marketing Manager at OfficeRnD with many years of experience in running coworking and flex spaces.