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Smart technology for coworking spaces can help you boost your business performance and increase customer satisfaction. To keep up with the demand and to make your coworking space an attractive place for new customers, it’s important to make sure you constantly improve your service. Of course, many ingredients are included in the mix, and making your space technologically smart is one of them.

Not only does technology in the workplace improve member experience but it can also positively impact the profitability of your coworking space by streamlining your workflow.

Technology could range from smart access control for your office, to communication tools, to proper coworking management systems. There are plenty of apps and tools for coworking spaces that can help you improve your workspace and your service.

Below, you’ll find 5 ways your coworking space can benefit from technology, thus boosting your digital transformation strategy

Security and Access Control

A smart access control system can make all the difference in your coworking space. Solutions like Kisi offer keyless access control systems for working areas. With cloud technology, Kisi makes it simple and easy to use for all members in the coworking space.

Although it may not be one of the first thoughts when it comes to managing a coworking space, it is vital to have a strong security system and software in place. After all, maintaining a coworking space means you will have a constant stream of new and existing members going in and out of your area.

Security is often easy to overlook—until something bad happens. This matters especially to coworking spaces where turnover rates may be high and new members come in and out every day. Technology can help alleviate the inherent risk in the modern workplace by allowing you to check the credentials of who comes in and out while noting the time and date of each occurrence.

With camera integrations, it can even show who came into the office as well as who trailed in together with them. Real-time footage can be retrieved in the case of a crime or emergency, and knowing that a proper access control system is in place naturally deters misbehavior.

Handling the “Little” Things

It is not easy managing a coworking space, especially one that could have more than 100 members. On a daily basis, you might be tasked with having to oversee and resolve various situations that might take precedence over others. This could ultimately lead to more “mundane” tasks, such as proper mailroom management, to fall to the wayside.

Fortunately, there is technology designed explicitly for this purpose that can help any community manager or coworking space administrator. Companies such as EZTrackIt, SphereMail, and Anytime Mailbox offer software solutions that will help track, manage and organize mail and packages that are destined for your members.

Social and Event Management

One of the unique aspects of coworking spaces is how socially dynamic they can be for their members. People from various industries and backgrounds working under the same roof makes it convenient for networking and post-work friendships.

Recognizing and embracing this aspect is essential for a coworking manager because it can open up opportunities to host various social events that current and potential members might enjoy.

Eventbrite, Eventzilla, and Meetup are just a few examples of apps and software that help you manage your social calendar by posting events, keeping track of attendees, and billing if your events require an entrance fee. You already have so much on your plate, so taking advantage of any one of these event management apps will help ease some of the load.


Not only does technology allows you to reduce operational workload in your coworking space, but to engage your community by using various apps and tools.

In today’s modern workplace, Slack is the bible of communication and so is Whatsapp for urgent requests. Social media is great engaging with your broader audience and closed Facebook groups often are a good choice to communicate with your community and keep them up to date.

Proper Coworking Management

Having coworking management software can make all the difference when it comes to maintaining an efficiently-performing coworking space by taking manual tasks off your pipeline, adding value to your members’ experience and consolidating more data for you to keep improving your space and making educated decisions. Choosing the right tool for your space can be tricky but there are some general tips on how to choose the best coworking management software for your space.

Solutions like OfficeRnD also provide native integrations with popular accounting, payment, access control, and many more systems and apps, so you can automate key business processes.

If you are curious to learn more about how OfficeRnD can help, check out the OfficeRnD coworking software feature page.

Smart Technolgy for Coworking

Check out how the OfficeRnD coworking management software can help you automate operations and manage your space more efficiently.

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