Marketplaces and coworking apps can be extremely helpful in increasing meeting rooms’ sales. Investing efforts into marketing is a must for every business that wants to be successful. Content marketing, SEO, lead generation and online advertising are a must. But taking advantage of all other methods could also be quite beneficial for attracting more customers to your space.

On the one hand, marketplaces generate tons of traffic and can connect you with lots of potential customers. A general rule of thumb is that you should invest efforts in good photos and descriptions. 

On the other hand, coworking apps can also help you reach more potential customers and sell your offerings with less friction.

So, if you want to make even more out of your business, check out the options below.


LiquidSpace is the most recognized network for renting flexible office space and conference rooms. The platform connects you with thousands of entrepreneurs, teams, and enterprises and makes your business well-promoted and highly discoverable. You can list each of your available spaces with photos and proper descriptions. 

Also, you can choose what kind of reservations you accept (e.g. for an hour, a day, month by month, etc). Or keep track of how your listing is performing by getting access to data such as profile visits and engagement metrics.


Coworker is another leading marketplace where you can list your space, and attract new customers. Coworker’s aim is to accelerate the global workforce adoption of coworking through discovery, bookings, and frictionless access. Website visitors can browse, request a booking, schedule a tour, or buy a pass directly if you’ve enabled this option.

Coworker offers a couple of listing plans that are either free or paid. The free plan covers a listing with a short description. The paid plans offer opportunities such as a link to your website, booking logs and first position in your city’s search page. 


Croissant is a mobile app that helps operators promote their coworking space to a targeted audience. The majority of Croissant’s audience consists of small teams, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and digital nomads.

Besides increasing your brand awareness, Croissant helps you to maximize your space’s utilization. The app helps you to make your space more discoverable online and get fresh new leads to your space. 


OfficeRnD is a management platform for flex spaces, that helps operators improve operational efficiency and grow their business. OfficeRnD’s Public Calendar and Public Sign up features allow you to make your space and meeting rooms bookable through your own website. 

Online bookings provide your website visitors with easy and quick access to certain services (e.g. a hotdesk, or meeting room). It’s all synced in real-time with the availability of your resources. Moreover, you can directly charge and invoice every purchase.

Such a frictionless online booking and sign up process are extremely beneficial especially in cases when your potential customers are in a hurry – e.g. need to book a desk urgently.

Bonus resources

Here are 2 useful resources that will help you attract more customers to your space, and ultimately improve the profitability of your business:

Webinar: Multi-Location Marketing Strategies: How to Fill a Space in New (or Existing) Market

sell your meeting rooms and coworking spaceYou will learn how to:

  • predict demand in the market you’re entering
  • get your website ranking in Google as quickly as possible
  • start generating leads quickly with advertising
  • be “everywhere” your prospects are looking
  • 🎬 Watch it here.

Webinar: Optimize Your Coworking Sales Funnel for Better 2020 Results

sell your coworking space

What you’ll learn

  • The steps in the coworking sales funnel
  • Technology to use to improve conversion at each step
  • How to plug common lead leaks
  • How to set up a tracker to help you keep your eye on the prize
  • 🎬 Watch it here.
Asen Stoyanchev
Senior Content Marketing & SEO Specialist | OfficeRnD
Asen is passionate about flexible working and the future of work. He firmly believes that work flexibility directly impacts one's health and well-being. When he's not writing, Asen spends his time devouring business literature, hiking, and parenting.