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Adapt your office for hybrid work, give your employees the flexibility they need, and take workplace management to the next level with a powerful workspace platform.
Hybrid Workplace

Streamline office space management

Keep track of your office locations, floorplans, layouts, and all your key resources with our advanced workplace management platform. OfficeRnD Hybrid gives you the full flexibility to manage assigned desks, shared desks, hot desks, desk hoteling, offices, rooms, parking spaces or create custom resources, execute moves and relocations, and more.

Using our workspace management capabilities will save a lot of time and effort by simplifying your office management processes.

workplace management
workspace management

Improve workplace management and easily keep floorplans up-to-date

Update floor plans with a few clicks to reflect any changes in layout or resource availability. Draw walls, define zones, move desks, and more to provide a visual view of the space.

OfficeRnD Hybrid offers easy-to-use, yet powerful floorplan plan editor tools which will make your workspace management a breeze.

Customize your workplace to reflect your culture

You can create custom resources for anything from parking spots to foosball tables. Custom resources can be booked by employees just like meeting rooms and desks.

By streamlining and unifying the management of all your space assets, you can save a lot of time managing these and significantly improve your employee workplace experience.

workplace management tool
officernd workplace management

Increase employee engagement with hybrid workplace apps

Improve employees’ office experience with an easy-to-use mobile app and web portal.

Our apps are highly customizable and fully white-labeled using the highest security infrastructure.

Understand space usage patterns with Workplace Analytics

Good workplace management involves analytics. You can keep track of occupancy of custom resources similarly to how you can analyze the utilization of meeting rooms and desks.

Optimize your hybrid office with the help of 360 space usage analytics.

  • Understand your shared or assigned desk and meeting space utilization
  • Monitor how your teams use space and modify your workspace strategy accordingly
  • Create custom reports and dashboards and have them delivered to your inbox whenever you need them
workplace analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Workplace management software?
    A workplace management platform is an essential software solution for any organization that wants to enable hybrid work and transition to a flexible workforce. Workplace platforms help companies create safer, more flexible, and more delightful employees’ workplace experiences. Furthermore, it streamlines the day-to-day work-related processes that get in the way of great work. It usually features desk booking system, meeting room scheduling platform, space management capabilities and workplace experience apps. Read more about workplace management systems here.
  • What is workplace management?
    For companies, workplace management is the process of managing their workplace in the most efficient way possible. That means establishing ways to maximize productivity, improve employee retention and engagement, and reduce costs. The whole process involves some important considerations such as space planning, employee satisfaction, cost and overhead, security, and workflow efficiency and automation.
  • What makes a good workplace management platform?
    A good workplace management platform should be easy to use, fast, bug-free, and have useful features that enable a company to streamline its workflow processes.
  • What can you do with hybrid workspace management software?
    A hybrid workplace management software can help in streamlining office space management and utilization, keeping floorplans up-to-date, and customizing your office to reflect your company culture. Besides, by using hybrid workspace apps, CEOs and managers can increase employee retention and engagement. Last but not least, an innovative workplace management platform enables C-level executives to track space usage, which allows them to make better decisions related to space optimization and cost reduction.

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Sarah Wells

IT Manager | Piedmont Lithium

OfficeRnD integrates easily into the Microsoft 365 Teams applications giving you an interactive floorplan interface. SSO and Outlook integration was an easy setup process. Customer Service, Technical Support and Onboarding has been stellar. This software meets our every requirement, which includes full Teams integration.
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