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The future of the corporate office and hybrid work

The way we work has changed forever. The company office is no longer the only option where work happens.

Going forward, most companies will adopt hybrid work and reduce their office footprint. Unsurprisingly, smaller offices mean less fixed costs, but also, mean happier employees because they will have more options – work from home, from the office, or from the local coworking space. This creates challenges due to the complexity of utilizing hot desking or desk hoteling, office scheduling, meeting room bookings, and making it simple and effective for your employees.

OfficeRnD Hybrid is a leading hybrid work management platform that is built with the main purpose to help you bring people together in vibrant, flexible, and collaborative workplaces. We can help your employees return to the office effectively and in an engaging way.

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Hot Desk Software

Empower employees to easily find and reserve desks on beautiful office maps

By implementing hot desking or desk hoteling, you can allow your people to decide where and how they want to work while reducing your office footprint and increasing your team engagement.

We will make it very easy for your teams to reserve spaces from anywhere – on mobile, web, or natively integrated with Microsoft Teams or Outlook, Google Chrome, or Google Calendar. Simpler and smarter bookings increase collaboration and office utilization.

Easy to use desk booking system is key to successfully implementing a hybrid work model.

Streamline booking meeting rooms

Booking meeting rooms is one of the most common administrative tasks that cost your employees a lot of time and effort. By streamlining the booking process you can significantly reduce your teams’ admin work and increase their workplace satisfaction.

Make it easy for your team to find and book the right meeting space, with the needed amenities, from any device, and never worry about double bookings or the frustration of not having a room. Our smart room scheduling solution takes care of notifications and frees the room if it’s not used.

Implementing a meeting space scheduling system is a fundamental part of the hybrid office.

Meeting Room Booking System
Workplace Engagement Apps

Increase employee engagement with workplace experience apps

Enable work from anywhere by adopting the worlds’ most advanced and easy-to-use employee workplace engagement suite. By allowing people to easily book spaces, you will achieve much better collaboration and will increase office utilization and overall people satisfaction.

Utilizing the full potential of our hybrid work apps will also let you easily send announcements and communicate office policies, benefits, events, and health and safety measures on the web, or mobile.

Get your workplace, fully integrated with the Microsoft tools

By providing an immersive hybrid workplace experience, natively integrated with Office365, Microsoft Teams, and Outlook, you can save a lot of time for your employees and increase their satisfaction. No one needs another app and no one needs a new tab in their browser. OfficeRnD Hybrid can blend and extend the Microsoft tools with all you need to enable hybrid working:

  • Login with Office365 credentials
  • Find and reserve a desk on the floor plan within Teams
  • Book a meeting room from Teams or Outlook
  • Schedule team office visits from Teams
Meeting Room Bookings in Microsoft Teams
hybrid workplace management managing visitors

Delight guests with a reception management system

Welcome guests with a delightful visitor management system that saves you time and keeps the workplace safe.

We will take care of managing guests, deliveries, and mail and will notify the right people as they arrive. You can save a lot of time and resources by streamlining and automating your reception!

Make it simple to schedule real-life interactions

Empower your employees to connect, collaborate and socialize via the most advanced hybrid work intelligent scheduler.

  • Help your team decide when to come to the office
  • Sync office visits and meeting schedules
  • Enhance productivity for all your team members

Hybrid work is all about flexibility and collaboration. OfficeRnD Hybrid can help your teams return to the office in an elegant way.

OfficeRnD Hybrid Workplace Management System
Health and safety feature hybrid

Ensure health and safety protocols

Track the physical presence of employees and set appropriate limits on the number of people in the office.

  • Presence tracking – any time an employee books a room or a desk, a check-in (through email or the mobile app) is required
  • Capacity enforcement – set the maximum number of allowed bookings per day on any floor of any location

Adapt your space for hybrid work

By using the most powerful flexible space management platform, you will be able to easily manage your inventory of desks, rooms, parking spots, etc. Make your space ready for the future of hybrid work.

By utilizing our advanced neighborhoods and space management capabilities, you will be able to achieve activity-based working and significantly increase your teams’ collaboration. Return to the office can be so much easier if you build a hybrid workplace using proper workplace management software.


Workplace Resource Management System
Workplace Integrations

Connect the tools you already use

OfficeRnD Hybrid connects to all the platforms you need to ensure a seamless work experience for your employees.

  • Increase security by enabling Single-sign-on (SSO) via Office 365 or Google
  • Connect MS Teams for an easier booking experience
  • Synchronize schedules with Outlook and Google Calendar
  • Connect your workplace Access Control or WiFi for automated presence tracking
  • Extend the platform via robust APIs

Optimize your workplace

One of the key benefits of using a hybrid workplace management platform is the ability to analyze your data and gain actionable insights. By measuring everything that happens in your workplace, you will be able to optimize it by either taking up less space or dramatically increasing people’s satisfaction, or both. With OfficeRnD Hybrid Analytics, you will be able to:

  • Understand your desks and meeting space utilization
  • Monitor how your teams use space and modify your workspace strategy accordingly
  • Create custom reports and dashboards and have them delivered to your inbox whenever you need them
Hybrid Work Software

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