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Empower employees to easily find and reserve desks on beautiful office maps

Get started with desk hoteling or hot desking and provide full flexibility to your employees. Improve their workplace experience and optimize your real estate. Play with the live demo and see for yourself how easy it is to book desks with OfficeRnD Hybrid

Meeting Room Booking

Streamline meeting room bookings

Make it easy for your team to find and book the right meeting space, with the needed amenities, from any device, and never worry about double bookings or the frustration of not having a room. The OfficeRnD Hybrid smart room scheduling solution takes care of notifications and freeing the room if it’s not used.

Improve employee collaboration and workplace experience

Enable work from anywhere by adopting an easy-to-use employee workplace engagement suite. By allowing people to easily book spaces and seeing who’s already in the office you will increase collaboration, office utilization and overall people satisfaction.

The Ultimate Hybrid Work Quiz: Which Work Model Is For You?

Discover your ideal solution with our interactive hybrid work quiz!

Get your workplace fully integrated with the Microsoft, Google and Slack tech stacks

By providing an immersive hybrid workplace experience, natively integrated with Microsoft 365, Teams, Outlook, Slack, Google Calendar and Chrome, you can save a lot of time for your employees and increase their satisfaction. No one needs another app and no one needs a new tab in their browser. OfficeRnD Hybrid can blend and extend your preferred tools via robust APIs with all you need to enable hybrid working.

Optimize your workplace based on data

One of the key benefits of using a hybrid workplace management platform is the ability to analyze your data and gain actionable insights. By measuring everything that happens in your workplace, you will be able to optimize it by either taking up less space or dramatically increasing people’s satisfaction, or both.

OfficeRnD Hybrid Distinguished as a Leader on G2!

We’re thrilled to continuously be awarded the G2 Leader badges for Desk Booking, Meeting Room Booking Systems and Space Management categories. All recognitions are entirely based on customer reviews.

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  • Is hybrid work here to stay?

    According to multiple sources, hybrid work is here to stay. Experts assert that hybrid work arrangements will remain a permanent feature of work in the United States and across the globe.

  • What is hot desking?

    Hot desking is an office organization system where workstations (shared desks) are not assigned and cannot be reserved in advance, so employees don’t know where they’ll be sitting on any given day. There are different ways to make hot desking work, like a “first come, first serve” basis, or on a rotational or shift-based principle. Regardless of the mechanism, hot desking offers more freedom, but less control over desk availability. This arrangement is frequently used by companies that don’t mandate employees to come to the office. Continue reading about hot desking.

  • What is desk hoteling?

    Desk hoteling (sometimes called office hoteling) is an organization system, where employees reserve workstations before coming to the office, typically via a desk booking system. Hoteling provides greater control for employees and removes the possibility of arriving to work to find out there are no free workstations. Hoteling is often used by companies that have a more mature hybrid work model, especially those that mandate employees be in the office a set number of days per week. Continue reading about desk hoteling.

  • What is workplace management software?

    A workplace management platform is an essential software solution for any organization that wants to enable hybrid work and transition to a flexible workforce. Workplace platforms help companies create safer, more flexible, and more delightful employees’ workplace experiences. Furthermore, it streamlines the day-to-day work-related processes that get in the way of great work. It usually features a desk booking system, meeting room scheduling platform, space management capabilities and workplace experience apps. Read more about workplace management systems here.

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