Hybrid Workplace Management Software

OfficeRnD Hybrid helps companies enable and manage hybrid office environment through modern and easy to use web and mobile apps. Supporting both remote and office working is now simple and smarter.

Hybrid and Flex Space Software Capabilities

  • Flexible desk booking

    Empower employees to easily see and reserve available desks on the days they plan to go to the office.

    • Find and reserve a desk from anywhere
    • See real time availability of desks
    • Manage assigned and shared desks
    • Desk analytics
  • Visual floor plan

    Give everyone a live floor plan of the office with desk and room availability.

    • Visual display of available desks 
    • Define which desks are available for booking and which are not
    • Easily add/remove desks or change their availability
  • Meeting room booking

    Make it easy to find and book the right room from any device. Smart room scheduling takes care of notifications and reminders and freeing the room if it’s not used. 

    • Find available spaces with advanced search based on location, size, and room amenities
    • Book from an iOS or Android mobile app or web portal
    • Get notifications and reminders for upcoming meetings
    • Manage rules for booking and cancellation
    • Optimize usage with detailed analytics for every room
  • Visitor management

    Welcome guests with a delightful visitor management system that saves you time and keeps the workplace safe.

    • Collect visitor information on entry with a tablet app
    • Use contactless sign-in
    • Notify employees when their guests arrive for a meeting
  • Advanced space management

    Easily manage your inventory of desks, rooms, parking spots, etc. for multiple office locations.

    • Easy creation and management of various spaces
    • Management of custom spaces and resources 
    • Interactive floor plans
    • Management of multiple office locations with ease
  • Mobile and web workplace engagement apps

    OfficeRnD comes with a mobile app and web portal that enable employees to book rooms, desks, and more. They empower workplace teams to communicate company policies, benefits, events, and other news. The white-labeled customization helps enhance your company culture and brand.

    • Communicate company policies and benefits
    • Create and manage company events
    • Mange message boards
    • Streamline facility requests and tickets
  • Integrations

    Connect OfficeRnD Hybrid with the tools you already use

    • Slack 
    • Google Calendar
    • Outlook 
    • Zapier 
  • Streamlined and secure login with single sign-on (SSO)

    Enable your employees to use their enterprise credentials to log into the OfficeRnD platform. Increase security and simplify employee onboarding and offboarding.

    • Allow employees to login with thеir enterprise credentials
    • Reduce security risks with centrally managed accounts and credentials
  • Workplace analytics

    Optimize the workspace with the help of detailed usage analytics for meeting rooms and desk occupancy.

    • Detailed usage analytics for meeting room utilization 
    • Understand desk usage and occupancy

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